Inspiration and learning phase to raise consciousness around an issue. This could be state of the oceans, airpolluted cities, vanishing forests, nature deprived communities, technology distraction and fatigue, and many more. We curate talks, creative inspiration and glimpses of beautiful solutions to help teams really understand these issues, become aware of their part in the story, the urgency for action and what good could look like.




One day Workshop


Dreaming and co-design phase. With deeper awareness of an issue and creative intention now activated, AWAKEN is about working with the team and wider stakeholders & contributors on new possibilities, imagining and prototyping what could be and what innovations could look like, including any user research and design. This phase also explores the critical part of how to get there, operationally. Innovations could include collaborating with existing initiaves or creating new concepts. Wild Labs will guide the journey.

3 to 5 weeks


Bringing a concept or or initiative into the world. We can act as a backbone, helping design the operational system and guide the process and any external collaborations. Or we can nest within existing teams or agency partners, midwifing the process, ensuring smart, speedy and impactful execution and launch. Project scope, roles and deliverables to be defined and signed in upfront agreement.


Wild Labs uses a three phase design and activation approach. We blend creative co-design with experiential learning, ensuring that teams connect more deeply to the issues and build new practices to help them respond and thrive. We believe real change starts from within and from different ways of knowing, so expect visits, meetings and workshops in the woods, coastlines, city streets and on the edges of change.